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There are two kinds of diabetes. Type I diabetes is sometimes called “juvenile onset” diabetes.

However, it can develop during adulthood as well.

The most common kind of diabetes, however, is Type II diabetes. This has been called “adult onset” diabetes. It is, quite simply, an inability of the body to regulate blood sugar properly. During the last 10 years, the number of people in the United States that have Type II diabetes has doubled.

The damage to health that results from unregulated blood sugar is very serious and life threatening. People with diabetes may lose a limb, they may lose their eyesight, they may develop constant nerve pain in their arms or legs; there are many very serious consequences that result from unregulated blood sugar levels. People with diabetes die an average of 7 years sooner than people without diabetes.

Type II diabetes is primarily a “lifestyle” disease. In other words, making changes in the way we live can, over time, reverse the disease.

No doctor of any kind can “cure” diabetes. However, your own body can heal itself, given the right set of circumstances.

Therefore, we must remove the obstacles that would prevent your body from healing itself. This process begins with obtaining the correct kind of lab work. What I order will be different than what you’ve had done in the past. It is critically important as it provides the foundation for the next steps.

Your other doctors have likely told you that diabetes is a progressive disease and that you must learn to “manage” the disease. What they have to offer you is prescription drugs.

Diabetes only managed is certainly a progressive disease and will eventually destroy your health.

If, instead, you’d like to give your own body a chance to heal itself, please call me at 559-897-5801. I offer a free consultation.