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Disk Injuries

Do you have severe back pain or severe neck pain? Do you have shooting pain down a leg or arm? Does it seem like no matter what treatment or prescription drug you try, nothing really helps?

You may have a spinal disk injury. Perhaps you’ve already had the MRI study that proves your injury. Your MRI study may have referred to your injury as a disk bulge, disk protrusion, or disk herniation.

The solution may be non-surgical spinal decompression. This safe, comfortable treatment is highly effective in helping your body heal from a spinal disk injury. Patients find spinal decompression so pleasant that they often fall asleep during the treatment.

What does this treatment actually do? To put it simply, it increases the space between the disk and the vertebrae. Relieving the pressure on the spinal disk allows it to return to its normal height so that it can once again act as a “shock absorber” for your spine.

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