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“When I came to you, I knew right away that you were different.”

“I want to thank you for helping me with my headaches. As you know, I've had severe migraine headaches since grade school- age 12 or even before. I've had these headaches every single day since that time. I had to stop going to college because of these headaches. Last year I spent most of my time in a dark room trying to avoid any light or sound because these made my headaches even worse. I have been to several neurologists as well as many other doctors. They were not able to help me even though they gave me many prescriptions for migraine to try. None of these drugs helped me much.

When I came to you, I knew right away that you were different. The laboratory work you ordered on me was different than anything that had been done before. You found out what was really wrong with me. My migraines are much improved, I no longer live in a dark room, I am much more social now, and I am enrolling in college for the fall of 2012. I feel like I have a future to look forward to now. Thank you so much.”

– Jesse Vasquez

“You had a “road map” for me to follow that had me feeling better in just a short time.”

“I wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me.

I was sick to my stomach from dumping all my hard-earned cash on Doctor Visits and chiropractors who seemed like they were just guessing about what was wrong with me. For years, I had suffered through lower back pain that would get so bad at times that I would miss work and not be able to function in my daily routines. There was many a day I ended up flat on my back unable to walk from one room to the next without doubling over in pain.

I tried to get answers from all the other experts, and for the most part I was told to go home and deal with it as there was nothing they could do. Then I met you, Dr. Kopper.

From my very first visit, the tools and equipment that you were using were different than any I had seen before. Your adjusting instrument was gentle but effective and your suggestions made sense to me. You had a “road map” for me to follow that had me feeling better in just a short time.

While I don't view any serious back injury as having an overnight fix, I am happy to report that after your treatment I am essentially free from the hassles and debilitating pain that was making my life miserable. I made it through this last winter and its cold months...a time when my back pain flares up the most...without one major incident.

I would suggest that anyone who is suffering with frequent severe pain like I was should get in contact with you. I recommend that they follow your suggestions because you know what you're talking about.

I am truly blessed with better health because of your treatment. My only regret is that I didn't meet you 15 years sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of pain, frustration, time, and money.”

– Tom Moshier

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