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Thyroid Conditions

A very common thyroid problem is underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). Many people have an underactive thyroid. Ordinary lab work may not always indicate an underactive thyroid because the range of what is considered normal is not based against an absolute standard but is instead compared with the ranges commonly seen in the general population.

So, if your lab work values fall within the range commonly seen in the general population, your thyroid function will be considered “normal”. This “normal” may be far from optimal.

Dr. Kopper does different lab testing. He will leave no stone unturned in finding out whether you have an under-performing thyroid. This is important because the thyroid has to do with many important bodily functions. Some of these are regulation of body temperature, regulation of body weight, regulation of energy levels, maintenance of healthy mood so that anxiety and depression are controlled.

What if your thyroid is not functioning? You may have an auto-immune disorder known as Hashimoto’s disease. This is a disease where your own immune system has attacked your thyroid. Regardless, the thyroid can be supported with natural medicines so that it once again performs its important duties.

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